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CelebsWork is a cause-driven change agency designed to work with celebrities, influencers, brands and non-profits to increase awareness and drive communities toward social change.


Our objective is to identify how celebrities, influencers, and brands can utilize their platforms in order to garner more awareness and resources for non-profits and to help alleviate social issues within our local and global communities through cause related campaigns and initiatives.


We utilize the power of traditional and digital media, PR/Marketing methods to help showcase the social issues in our shared communities and encourage people to get involved and lend a helping hand.


CelebsWork was co-founded by Aileen Briones and Dulce Wills. With their background in entertainment, brand and nonprofit public relations and digital, social and millennial marketing, Briones and Wills collaborated to launch CelebsWork initially as a passion project while simultaneously working for high profile entertainment and brand clients within top PR agencies.

Aileen Briones
Founder and CEO

"CelebsWork was a way to encourage others to love one another, help one another and be a light in all that you do." - Aileen Briones

Dulce Wills

"I want to inspire others to love through what they do, regardless of what their profession may be, I want people to remember to live compassionately." - Dulce Wills

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